We take future seriously.

Welcome to our brand new English website.


A network of students and young people

aiming at changing the public sector.


We organise conferences and workshops

in order to meet experts

to discuss real issues with.


"Ask not what your country can do for you,

ask what you can do for your country."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

An ever-growing network

We are a group of Public Administration enthusiasts sharing the same passion for themes related to the broad world of the public sector. Politics and policies look almost the same… But are they?

Make yourself be heard!

We adopted the American Think-Tank approach. This means that everyone can make his/her proposals, ever since the first year of their Bachelor. No experience required, all you need is motivation!

Concrete proposals

After internal discussions we elaborate proposals to be forwarded either to Bocconi University’s professors or to Italian government’s public consultations. We believe in change and in citizens’ active participation. Join us!

nextPA’s motto

Passion, courage and motivation

Ready to make a difference.




What our associates say

Giovanna Surleti

“Passion and Entrepreneurship: these the words that made me join nextPA. Passion, because every associate actively participate to our activities. Entrepreneurship, because both founders and the board always struggle in order to get new partnerships and new initiatives for everyone to be included. Furthermore, the environment is challenging and everyone is eager to discuss through one’s own peculiar skills.”

Giovanna SurletiFormer Associate
Alberto Simonetti

“nextPA is the best experience to share a passion, to roll up your sleeves and to change something together. A bracing environment, full of confrontation and eagerness to build soft skills, in which it is possible to develop your own network of valuable people and organizations.”

Alberto SimonettiFormer Associate
Elisabetta Barzan

“Joining nextPA was really exciting for me. This experience gave me the opportunity of sharing curiosity, thoughts and ideals with young students who shares my same passion of public management. I had the opportunity of attending conferences and debates about themes I love, enriching my education through a dynamic confrontation.” 

Elisabetta BarzanFormer Associate
Silvia Profeti

“What do I see in nextPA? I am seeing a group of young people sharing the same interests. I am seeing a group of young people who became friends by sharing so many hours together. I am seeing a group of friends that will always be so, even after university has finished. Nothing much to say: thanks, nextPA!”

Silvia ProfetiAssociate
Green Light for Business
Tra i Leoni

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