Comune di Tradate and Fondazione Cariplo

Project aimed to the development of public policies concerning young involvement and entrepreneurship


nextPA, in partnership with Tradate’s local municipality and several other private and public actors, joined the project named “Welfare di comunità e Innovazione sociale” (Community welfare and social innovation) promoted by Fondazione Cariplo (Cariplo Foundation). This project was aimed to offer more opportunities to the younger wing of the population within that particular geographic area.

The public intervention was necessary since there is the growing need of reducing the distance between citizen and public administration, through geographically-specific activities. There is the need of new ideas to stimulate young entrepreneurship in both private and third sector.

For these reasons, Tradate’s local municipality paved the way for investments in effective youth policies aimed to make the young involvement grow. nextPA and S.M.ART young association believe in this project and chose to participate because we both believe that young people shall become protagonists as well as makers of their own future.

This is our partnership agreement.

pdf-icon-transparent-background2-300x300 Accordo-di-rete – ITA.pdf