User Experience Design

Workshop – Bocconi University, Monday 7th March, 2016

Efficacy, efficiency and economy are necessary but not sufficient parameters for developing public services. Accessibility and ease of use are more than just the icing on the cake.

Anna Pestalozza, User-Experience Designer with previous experiences within healthcare services, taught us that a furniture designer, in order to develop a new concept of a chair, has to begin its designing process from the expectations of the people that will use that chair, i.e. relax, space and comfort. If a Public Administration really cares about its citizens, then it has do behave in the same way when rethinking about public services: begin with citizens’ expectations.

nextPA also further analysed the case of the Stockholm house-rent market, which is run entirely by its local authority. Beginning from citizens’ needs, we developed hypothesis and possible solutions in order to develop a new concept of public service, built around the citizen.

We are thankful to Anna Pestalozza for her availability during the workshop.